Open Post: The Stuff You Never Think About

17 Dec 2011 | Makyo

There's all sorts of things that would have to be different about the world around us, were it a truly furry world.  These can be as simple as structuring chairs differently, or as complicated as equal rights for all species in a multi-species setting.  Lets collect a bunch of them here, just for funsies!  I've divided the list up into species-specific and non species-specific issues, with sub-categories in the species-specific category.  Inspired by this.

Species specific

  • Snakes, Nagas, and the like
    • Stairs could pose quite an issue
  • Giraffes
    • Doorways could prove to be awkward, and building every building to accommodate might be impractical
  • Elephants
    • As with Giraffes, buildings would need to be specially designed
  • Avians
    • Steps would get awkward
    • Possible entrances on multiple levels, and perches within a building
    • Air-traffic regulations are bad enough, but add in avians flying about...
  • Bats
    • How do shirts work?

Not species-specific

  • Motorcycles and convertibles could cause some...facial discomfort.
  • Speaking of, motorcycles, bicycles and the like - would have to come up with a way to keep fur or entire tails from getting trapped in the chain!
  • Eating gummi worms
  • "Being a professional chef, my career would be over. Hair, on ALL OF THE THINGS! I'd have to shave my hands and arms to work."
  • "More food for thought (literally): eating. Most furries are canine; ripping/tearing eating, rather than mashing as human."
  • "Another big problem: I'd be expected to be dressed, probably to human standards, so I'd be too warm."
  • Bathing would be a pain - so anything that involves getting dirty
  • Cups could be a real pain (see comment)
  • Differences in senses could cause awkwardness or even strife (see comment)
  • The tricky question of carnivores versus herbivores. (see comment)
  • Workplace discrimination based on species attributes. (see comment)
  • Cleaning the drain.  Monthly.