New Toy!

18 Mar 2012 | Makyo

Hey!  We know furries are awesome.  Super awesome.  That's a big part of why we're furries, too.  We love writing about the fandom of which we are a part.  In order to help further much of this discussion, we've added a new toy to [a][s]: forums.  Now we can open the discussion of furry up all the further.

Also, and here's the part I'm particularly excited about, one of these forums will be used for letting everyone contribute to the site by writing collaborative articles.  I know I'm an enormous dork, writing furry essays every week, so for those of you less dorky than I, feel free to chip in on a collaboration and get some of your ideas published here on the site.  I know this is all a bit of an experiment, but I have high hopes: I know I see at least one journal entry on FA per week that would make a good topic for a post, so I know you guys would be good at this!

Have fun, play nice, keep being awesome :o)