Art: Ink Washes - Arphalia@FA

24 Jun 2012 | Makyo

It was suggested by a few folks that it would be good to do a semi-regular feature on some of the wonderful art that may not follow the norm of what’s posted out there.  For this post, we’ll be taking a look at Arphalia and her work with ink washes.


Zipper by Arphalia

"The ink washes are something I used to do ages ago before I got into the fandom. (I got into the fandom "officially" around 1997 or so but was aware that something called furries existed a few years previous but didn't have any access to check into the whole scene since I wasn't online yet.) I had marker phases, ink pen inking phases and a huge (and ongoing) colored pencil phase. Returning to ink wash and watercolor again still feels like a New Thing even while its not."

Three Happy Orcas by Arphalia

The contrast provided in these simple, monochromatic (or mostly so, as in the case of the center image above) is part of their draw: in many cases, the subject is actually lighter than the background.

Thick Opera by Arphalia

They are not simply images on a page, but images on a texture.

Roots by Arphalia

Check out more of this awesome work on Arphalia's FA Gallery!