Art Post: Redacteur's Happy Wolves

22 Oct 2012 |

Homo homini lupus: man is as wolf to man.

This latin proverb on human nature is neatly inverted by Redacteur's happy wolves, who treat one other with great humanity.

Redacteur was kind enough to take the time for a quick chat about his art, and share a few of his pieces here on [adjective][species].

Reacteur draws with a minimalist style that captures the essence of life's happy moments. His wolves - and other creatures - live in an escapist, joyful universe.

He has a graphic design background, where he picked up his geek's eye for fonts and typography. Less sophisticated is his uninhibited use of lame visual jokes. I asked him to defend himself but he was unapologetic: "I love puns".

I'd like to say that I find Redacteur's puns to be flaccid and cheap, but I actually find them delightful. They complement his cheery art, and fit in perfectly with a furry world that freely and unironically uses portmanteaux like 'fursona'.

His minimalist, non-technical style is not to be confused with naivety, although it's probably safe to say that he wouldn't have met the bygone Yerf quality standards. Redacteur's style is most obviously comparable to the likes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Regular Show, but it also reminds me of Henri Rousseau's paintings, most famously Tiger in Tropical Storm. Like Rousseau, Redacteur uses a deliberately childish style, allowing him to imbue clear emotions in the face of his characters.

You can find Redacteur on his Furaffinity ( and Tumblr (

He is also featured in the excellent furry comic compilation RRUFFURR ( along with a few other furry artists working in a similarly positive, intelligent, and introspective vein.