Survey News

11 Jan 2013 | Makyo

RandomWolf is Quite Helpful

Hi folks! Time for a bit of a meta-post with some neat news.

First of all, thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to fill out the 2012 [adjective][species] Census and Survey!  There's...a lot to go through, and it's going to take us a while to write up a full report, but we'll get one all pulled together soon! The C&S is now closed, but what about a 2013 survey? Well, that's where the news bit comes into play

The Furry Survey, as run by Alex Osaki/Klisoura, has been going strong since 2007, with 3,267 respondents in 2012 alone. It's a well-constructed demographic census that drives a lot of the information behind our articles and visualizations. Running a yearly survey, complete with advertising, comment-handling, and pulling together results, however, takes time and effort, and so starting this year, we're is happy to announce that [adjective][species] will be helping to run the Furry Survey as an [a][s] project right over here on!

The survey remains much the same as previous years with only a few changes.  Notably, one of the goals is to make the survey more international in its reach.  To that end, we've added more international conventions and are aiming to reach out beyond just a few countries to a wider audience.  Alas, the survey remains English language only for now, but if there's interest (and translators), hopefully that can change in the future.

As for the [a][s] Census and Survey, a long-form survey does have its place in the future, and it will certainly come back with new questions for new folks to answer.  Keep an eye out, as we'll be sure to make an announcement for that, as well!

With that we'll set you loose: take the survey, pass it around, and talk it up!