Call For Submissions: Furry/Animal Poetry

06 Mar 2015 |

Please note that submissions are now closed.

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled furry introspection to bring you this message from Lunostophiles:

For the past week, [adjective][species] has been focusing on furry themes in non-furry poetry. It’s been really great, as a poet, to see Shining River writing about the use of animals in verse, and all they can represent (both realistically and metaphorically). Poetry sometimes has an issue of gatekeeping, even if it’s self-imposed, so it’s nice to have open discussion.

But I think we should take this one step further.

I, as a proxy for [adjective][species], want to see what you, the fandom, have to offer. We are holding a poetry submission drive, with the hopeful outcome of publishing and showcasing a few great poets here on the website!

A few rules, though:

  1. Submissions must be either about animals (realistically or metaphorically), or about the fandom. This means you can write about a specific animal, or an animalistic ideal, or about cons, fandom politics, or what it means to be a furry. As long as it has some sort of relation to animals/furries, we’ll accept it as a submission!
  2. Submissions must be currently unpublished. While we will totally accept submissions that have been posted on Weasyl, SoFurry, Fur Affinity, or other sites like it, we will not be accepting anything that’s been published by any web- or print-based publication. If you had to submit it before, you can’t submit it here.
  3. Submissions do not have to be new. If you have a poem you really like that’s a few years old, that’s still fine! Submitted poems don’t have to be for the express purpose of this application.

Our hope is to get a few really stand-out submissions to post on [adjective][species]. Please submit by the end of March. There is no limit to size, form, or style—be creative, be original, and write about whatever you want within the parameters.

I’m so excited to curate this collection, and I can’t wait to see what you all submit!

Submit your poetry by email to: