Start of an era.

30 Nov 2015 |

Hi everyone. It's with a great deal of pride and no small amount of terror that I begin my stint as editor-in-chief of [adjective][species].

In four years, Makyo has grown [a][s] from scratch to the vibrant site we have today. Everything that makes [a][s] special, in part or in whole, is because of a choice she has made somewhere along the way. I don't have Makyo's leadership or inspiration, but I will do my best to fill her shoes in my own way.

I started writing for [a][s] in January 2012. Since then I've been responsible for about a third of the site's content. I'll continue writing, and as editor-in-chief I'll take responsibility for site content as a whole. Makyo will continue to work in the background as site owner, hosting, programming, and all those other things that keep [a][s] running and Randomwolf fed and watered.

What's going to change? Not much. [a][s] will continue to explore the furry world from the inside out, in our thoughtful and intelligent way. I plan to increase the amount and accessibility of results from Furry Poll, which in my opinion is the site's greatest asset. I also want to address the site's biggest failing, which is that there is often a bit too much JM. [a][s] has always been a collaborative effort and so I will be on the hunt for new regular contributors, guest writers, and editors.

In that spirit, we are interested in offers of editorial help, submissions, ideas, praise, complaints, or anything. Leave a comment below or email me at