Russian language Furry Survey

04 Jan 2016 |

There is a link to a Russian language furry survey at the bottom of this article.

This article is also published in Russian.

The major Russian-speaking countries—Russia, Ukraine & Belarus—all have a vibrant furry community. Russfurence in Moscow is the biggest local convention, with nearly 500 attendees.

Russian-speaking furries are largely invisible to the English-dominated furry world. English is not a common second language in most parts of Russia. In this respect they have more in common with Japanese, Korean, or Chinese-speaking furries, rather than their Eastern European neighbours like Poland and Hungary.

We ask nationality in the annual Furry Survey. Russians seem to be 0.5 to 1.5% of total responses:

2009: 0.49%
2010: 0.43%
2011: 0.27%
2012: 0.35%
2013: 1.54%
2015: 0.55%*

* provisional

This places them around 10th in terms of furry population:

Source: 2013 Furry Survey
Source: 2013 Furry Survey


The Furry Survey is, of course, in English. This means that most Russian-speaking furries won't have been able to participate.

Among Russians, English is most widely spoken in Moscow, which seems to be where most Russian furries live. Even then, as little as one in ten have English skills sufficient to fill in the survey. This implies that Russians may make up as much as 10% of the total furry population.

Not surprisingly, Russian speaking furries tend to congregate around Russian websites, like and They also have a significant presence on Wikifur, which manages multiple languages:

Source: Wikifur stats

Here on [adjective][species], Russian is also easily to most common language for non-English readers:

Source: [adjective][species] analytics
Source: [adjective][species] analytics

We're interested in the size and shape of the Russian speaking furry population. With help from a couple of bilingual Russian furs, we have a shortened version of the Furry Survey for our Russian speaking friends. It's designed for anyone who speaks Russian, whether they have filled in the English Furry Survey or not.

The survey is currently open. We will publish results, in English and in Russian, here on [a][s] in early 2016.

Link to Russian language Furry Survey.