The [adjective][species] Furry Cocktail Competition

23 Feb 2016 |

Are you a furry? Do you like to drink? Do you have the gumption to submit your very own cocktail recipe to the [a][s] Furry Cocktail competition? Well we sure do hope so!

Test your palate and your pluck by submitting recipes and pictures of your very own furry or furry convention themed cocktails. Your character can be here!

Cocktails will be accepted based on three qualities:

Theme and originality: Does your cocktail really remind us of what it’s supposed to be? Does your sparkle dog shine brighter than all of the rest? Did you just give us a White Russian and call it the Wistful Arkie? Did you just give us a Sex on the Beach and call it Kyell Gold’s Secret Anthology? You cannot fool Chairman George!

Appearance: We will be including beautiful pictures of your cocktail, so remember to send them in! Or hideous ones. Whatever it’s supposed to look like. If not, we need detailed instructions on how it is prepared so that we can take the pictures ourselves. We are not trustworthy photographers, so it is highly recommended that you provide your own.  

Taste: Does it taste good (or at least on theme)? Are the components well-balanced? Do the flavor notes come through? Does it taste more like the individual flavors, or more like alcohol? Make sure not to overpower your drinks!

This project is mostly for fun and science so there will be no rewards. Disgusting or delighting Chairman George Squares and the [a][s] tasting panel will be its own reward. We will post some of the best and worst cocktails that we receive.

Submit your potable productions to: