Call for Submissions: The Second [adjective][species] Poetry Collection

25 Mar 2016 | Guest Poster

Renee Carter Hall ("Poetigress") is a writer and poet whose work has been published both inside and outside the furry fandom. She is the current president of the Furry Writers' Guild and was Writer Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2015.

I'm honored to have been asked to curate the [adjective][species] poetry collection for 2016! Based on last year's feature and on the recent release of the furry poetry anthology Civilized Beasts, I know there are lots of great poets in the fandom working in a wide variety of styles and voices, so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes my way.

For this year's feature, I'm narrowing the focus just a bit and looking for submissions relating to animals and spirituality. I'm defining both "animals" and "spirituality" pretty loosely, so this can involve anthropomorphic animals, the furry fandom, therian/Otherkin, and any sort of belief system—or lack of belief—where animals play some role. It doesn't have to be organized or established religion, although that's certainly welcome too. Really, the only thing I'm not looking for is work that demeans any particular faith or belief system. What I want, ideally, is celebration, exploration, and introspection, not debate, proselytizing, or anything obviously written for shock value alone.

The fine print on what to send:


  • Length, form, style: Totally open. Send me free verse, formal verse, whatever you like. If you're using an obscure form that I might not be familiar with, let me know what it is so I can understand the full effect.
  • Submissions may be published or unpublished. If a poem has appeared previously in a print or online publication, please let me know where, so we can give proper credit. (If it's only been posted to FurAffinity, SoFurry, your personal blog, etc., there's no need to note that.)
  • Submissions don't have to be new. You can write something new for this call, or if you have something you wrote years ago that fits, send it along.
  • If in doubt, send it. Sometimes we don't know what we're looking for until we see it, and the worst we can say is "no thanks." So if you're on the fence as to whether your work might suit, send it and let's see.
  • You retain all ownership and rights to your poetry. [adjective][species] simply licenses your work for posting on the site. If you need your work taken down at any time, simply let us know. All posts are made under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license, unless you specify otherwise.

How to submit:

  • Send 1-6 poems, either in the body of the email or attached as a Word document, to:
    no later than April 22.
  • Be sure to include what name you want your work published under (real name, pen name, furry name, whatever works for you), and if you like, you can also include a link where readers can find more of your work.
  • Everyone will get a yes or no response, but I'm afraid I can't offer feedback or critique on submissions.

I'd like to draw from as many perspectives as possible, so if you can help spread the word about this call to other poets and poetry communities, please do! Any questions, post a comment here or send them to the email listed above.