Furry Migration, The Furry Writers' Guild, and [a][s]

16 Aug 2017 | Makyo


This year, August 25-27, Furry Migration will be taking place in Minneapolis, MN! The guests of honor include voice actor and comedian Malcom Ray, artist Talenshi, and *drumroll* The Furry Writers' Guild! The Guild's mission is to support, inform, elevate, and promote quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators.

I'm posting this here for two and one third reasons.

The Guild is simply an excellent resource for writers of all sorts. Although their focus is primarily on fiction and ours is primarily on non-fiction, there is some crossover. Writing skills from one transfer from one to the other - [a][s] prides itself on creative non-fiction, which often includes the building up of characters and the worlds in which they live. World and character building are important in both fiction and creative non-fiction as a matter of course; just that in non-fiction, the characters and the world are real.

The Guild will be represented by several Guild members, myself as president, vice prez Chipotle, AKA Watts Martin:

Watts Martin, the 2016–17 FWG president, has been involved in furry fandom for over a quarter of a century. Watts’s published works include appearances in HeatThe Furry FutureInhuman Acts, and Gods With Fur, as well as the “Cupcake” novella Indigo Rain, the short story collection Why Coyotes Howl, and in 2017, the science fiction novel Kismet. In the early days of the fandom, Watts was known for editing/publishing the magazine Mythagoras, which saw early works by Paul Kidd, M.C.A. Hogarth, and Nebula nominee Lawrence M. Schoen, as well as an original furry story by Hugo winner Lawrence Watt-Evans. Watts has been the writing track lead for Further Confusion for the past four years and was the writing guest of honor at the very first Anthrocon.

Seriously, check out Kismet. It's a fantastic work of science fiction with some, to paraphrase another reviewer, next level McGuffining. It's available from FurPlanet, Argyll Productions, Bad Dog Books, Amazon, and doubtless others.

We, as a Guild and as members, will be hosting several panels. See here for a list.

Secondly, I'll be there at the con, primarily wearing my Guild hat, but also sharing some of our usual [a][s] panels:

  • Healthy Relationships in Furry - Friday at 9PM
  • The Love - Sex - Fur Guide to Safer Sex - Friday at 10:30PM
  • Gender and Furry - Saturday at 7:30PM
  • Exploring the Fandom Through data - Sunday at 3PM

I'm looking forward to yapping about gender, data, love, sex, and fur.

Oh, and the one-third of a reason is that, along with being an editor here, I'm president of the Guild, and it's my duty and joy to promote both the Guild and the Guild's activities such as the con where I'm able.

Plus, I can.

Because I'm dictatorpresident there and dictatoreditor here.

Anyway! Come say hi! We'll have our panels, of course, but please do come to learn more about the guild. It truly is a fantastic resource for all writers. The Guild forums and Guild chat resources (there's a snoutbox on the forums, a Slack team, and a Telegram chat) are open to all, members and non-members, readers and writers.