[adjective][species] at Furry Migration!

02 Sep 2019 | Makyo

Hey there! Long time, no meow!

[a][s] is still about, though granted mostly in read-only mode. I’ve got an article planned, but it’s going to have to wait until after *dramatic drum-roll* Furry Migration 2019!

If you’ll be there, I’ll have a couple of the usual [a][s] panels to share. Here’s the deets:

Exploring the Fandom Through Data

**Friday, Sept 6 9:00PM Programming B**

Join [adjective][species] to explore the ins and outs of the furry subculture through data, prowling through seven years of the furry survey and additional surveys and data sets besides, investigating what makes up the fandom and exploring why.

What We Like After Dark

**Saturday, Sept 7 9:00PM Programming A**

Come explore what we like as furries through the lens of the art site e621. Using more than 10 years of data from submissions and tags, supplemented by data from the Furry Survey we’ll look at art, artists, species, characters, and media franchises.

Gender and Furry

**Sunday, Sept 8 3:00PM Programming A**

Both gender and furry touch on very important aspects of identity, and the fandom often provides a space in which to explore one’s gender in a safe manner. Join us to talk about what gender is, how it interacts with the furry subculture, and to hear our stories.

There’s a lot of really great programming this year, so if you’ll be at the con, make sure to check out the schedule (which helpfully includes links to add events to your calendar)!