[adjective][species] is a group of people who’ve been around furry for a little while and have stories to tell.  We write about our experiences in the fandom, good and bad, past and present; and there may be the occasional little web toy coming from us now and then, too.  If you’d like to join as a contributor - either of writing or otherwise - feel free to let us know some about yourself and what you have to say or do with a completed article or work, and we’ll see about putting together a guest post.  Additionally, if you would like to write for us regularly, let us know and we can see about pulling you on board.

Please keep in mind that this is not a venue to vent about the fandom, nor is it an anti-furry site.  We’re all about introspection and self examination, even if we wind up examining some hard topics about our connection with this strange group, but we’re still furries all the same!  We ask that most submissions be kept rated PG-13, or at least tastefully R, for [adjective][species]. Sex is a large part of furry, and can be mentioned. More explicit pieces are more likely to wind up on Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur, though the submission process is still the same!

What we are looking for

  • Articles - writings about the furry fandom, what it means to be a furry, the history of furry, and just about anything meta-furry!  We also welcome contributions of fiction, poetry, and most all types of writing.

  • Art - art that’s unique or under-appreciated within the fandom, potentially a larger work such as a comic or set of images that would do well to be featured in a post.

  • Suggestions - if you don’t necessarily want to contribute directly, but have a suggestion for an article or an interpretation of data available on this site, you are still encouraged to send it our way.

How it Works

After submitting your work for consideration, we’ll either give it the go-ahead or suggest changes to make it work within the framework of one of the [a][s] sites.  We’re also happy to help with the editing process, and JM will likely look over the piece for minor grammatical edits to help it fit within [a][s]’s style.  Additionally, you will be required to agree to abide by the [a][s] Code of Conduct.  Once everything is set, the piece will be scheduled for publication - if it is something other than an article, it will still usually be accompanied by an article on the blog.  We’ll also ask you to prepare two or three sentences about yourself to lead in the post (or, if you will be a full contributor, to go on the About page), along with links to your own page, FA account, Twitter account, etc.

You retain all ownership and rights to your work! [adjective][species] simply licenses your work for posting on the site.  If you need your work taken down at any time, simply let us know.  Additionally, if there arise opportunities for [a][s] to share your work outside the site (such as print or audio media) while still fitting within the licensing of the work, we’ll definitely ask you first.  All posts are made under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license, unless you specify otherwise.  This allows sites such as Flayrah to syndicate our site, as well as podcasts such as FurCast to read articles during their shows.