Italian Furry Survey (English translation)

These results are translated from the Italian, which was published in 2013 and is hosted on Translation (and translator’s notes) by Mando.

The results

This survey was born because, well… Generic feline curiosity I suppose. It involves the furry reality we find in front of us on the web and, for this reason, I thought it might be This is the first project of its kind in Italy; I don’t exclude the presence of others, larger and more complete, in fact I dearly hope so. Anyway, here’s the results of this little social experiment.

Duration of the survey: December 2012/January 2013

Voting furries: 103

Let’s start:

1 – Sex

Male - 95 Female - 6 Other - 2

2 – Age


Three people (2.9%) did not vote

3 – Residence

2Six people (5.8%) did not vote

4 – Occupation

Studying; 58 Working; 23 Both; 12 None of the two; 7

Total: 100

Three people (2.9%) did not vote

5 – How long have you known furry [i.e. the furry fandom] for? (keep in mind the survey is dated December 2012/January 2013)

10 furs have known furry for less than a year 13 furs voted a generic “more than one year” 31 furs have known furry for 1-3 years 21 furs have known furry for 4-5 years 15 furs have known furry for 6-7 years 7 furs have known furry for 8-9 years 5 furs have known furry for over 9 years 2 furs have known furry for over 20 years

6 – Since when have you been feeling furry?

42 – Since even before knowing about the Furry Fandom 32 – In the same moment I heard about Furry 27 – Some time after knowing about the fandom’s existence

7 – How did you know about furry?

I found it on the web: 80 A friend told me about it: 9 Other: 5 I heard about it through a magazine or media: 3 It happened watching a TV program/playing a video game: 2 Other – Second Life: 2 Other – Furry Comics: 1 Other – Can’t remember: 1

Total: 103

8 – Who’s aware of your being furry? (multiple answers)

Closest friends: 43 Nobody: 39 General friends: 19 Colleagues/Schoolmates: 7 Acquaintances: 7

9 – Have you ever taken part to a gathering with other furries?

No – 66 Yes – 37

10 – What animal do you identify with?

Of the most common kind (assuming dragon is a common kind) we have:

21 Wolf 13 Dragon 9 Fox 9 Domestic cat 4 Lion 4 Dog 3 Bear 2 Horse 2 Tiger 1 Hyena 1 Penguin 1 Polecat 1 Dog-wolf [Italian name of the German Shepherd] 1 White Tiger 1 Alligator 1 Bull 1 Leopard 1 Gecko 1 Panda 1 Badger 1 Reindeer 1 Panther 1 Raccoon 1 Giraffe 1 Pseudodragon 1 Ocelot 1 Crow 1 Deer 1 Cheetah

Of hybrids or, at least, of less conventional creatures we instead have:

3 Hybrid / Other3 1 Cat - Rabbit 1 Wolf - Panther 1 Man - Wolf 1 Licotrago (Wolf - Goat) 1 Dragon - Canine 1 Changeling 1 Kitsune (nine-tailed fox) 1 Cheshire Cat 1 Animated Cartoon

Canines; 39 Felines; 20 Dragons; 15

Compared, canines stand unopposed compared with every other kind; felines follow, and, last of the triad, dragons.

Three furs did not answer.

11 – On a scale of 1 to 5, define what aspects of furry are more important for you

[the scale is Essential – Very important – Pretty important – Not much – Pretty much not at all]











 12 – How important is furry in your life?

On the web:


In social relationships:


In your free time:


In everyday life:


13 – Do you know about or listen to any furry musicians?

76 furs answered no, 25 answered yes, 2 abstained

Among furry musicians were cited:

Renard Queenston with 5 votes Fox Amoore again with 5 votes Mayhem with 2 votes Following: Fredrik, DJ Mugler, martinidog, Husky in Denial, Fjordwolf, Negaren and Casey Lalonde. One fur voted himself.

**14 - Are there furry communities you frequent regularly? **(multiple answers)

13As you can see no Italian websites appear. An aspect that in an eventual, next, future survey or study of sort should be examined in depth.

15 – What’s your education level?

Translator’s note: I still am not sure how to translate from a school system to another. Licenza media is middle school. Maturità is our national high school degree. Diploma is extremely generic – it can mean anything; I assume though it’s used here as meaning university/college level. In corso means ‘ongoing’. Dottorato means doctorate.


16 – Sexual Orientation

15Four furs did not vote.

The aspect of sexual orientation makes furry one of the most unique fandoms of its kind. Looking at the three main orientations (straight [translator’s note: Italian doesn’t have an ‘informal’ way to say heterosexual], gay and bi) we see how these are extraordinarily close to one another, making furry incredibly heterogeneous. I chose to include in the survey less “conventional” views of sexuality as well, so we can have votes from the vast majority of furs and leave as few votes as possible to the “other” option. If we didn’t have these less conventional choices, I think many of the votes that ended up going to pansexuality and part of poli, pomo and sapiosexuality would’ve ended up in the more generic “bisexual,” making it de facto the group with the largest number of votes.

17 – Are you/have you ever been in a relationship with a furry?

Choices are: No, never; Still am today; In the past; In the past, long distance / virtual; Long distance / virtual;

16This is one of the most avoided questions of the survey: only 93 out of 103 participants answered.

We can see, anyway, that almost one out of two furries has or has had a sentimental involvement with another fur. (this was, to me, one of the most unexpected and interesting results of the survey; I’m not a sociologist or psychologist but I think it shows in a direct way certain aspects that some furs look for in the fandom. It would have been interesting to add the option “no, but I wouldn’t mind,” and see how many of the furs that aren’t taken would’ve ended up in this category)

18 – Did it ever happen to you to hear about furry from non-furry people in your daily life?

No – 69 Yes – 31 Three furs did not answer.

This is another pretty interesting result. For a huge part of my life I thought that furry was only known by furries themselves, or by their respective haters. It has therefore been a pleasing surprise to discover that certain friends, more than one, were aware of furry by themselves, and that I’m not the only fur to whom something like this happened.

19 – What did you run into first, furry or yiff?

Furry – 70 Yiff – 31 Two furs did not reply.

20 – Do you know My Little Pony?

I’m a brony! – 9 Yes, I watched more than one episode – 18 I know the name, but it leaves me indifferent – 39 Not really, I don’t appreciate it much – 17 Death to ponies! – 18

Total – 101

As usual, in medium stat virtus [note: “la virtù sta nel mezzo” is an Italian idiom, literal translation of the original Latin one. The meaning is “virtue is found in the middle of two extremes”]. While a good part of furs is indifferent to the pony phenomenon (to which I felt was owed at least one question, due to its incredibly fast spread both on the web and in the furry fandom), another good part doesn’t have a high opinion of it, not as many as the bronies who follow the show. Before I started watching it somebody told me, “The only reason you don’t like ponies is because you haven’t watched it yet.” And they were right, it is a pretty cool cartoon. But it’s nice to see how fast perception can change, even inside the same fandom.

21 – Do you express yourself with any kind of artistic medium? (multiple answers)

55 Drawing / Painting 42 Writing 30 Graphic 28 Music 23 Nothing 16 Singing 13 Acting 9 Sculpture 5 Dance

Drawing is the unopposed mean of expression in furry.

Translator’s note: Interestingly (to me), writing is really high – and sculpture is a real surprise, but what I’ve seen is really good

22 – Do you read comics? (multiple answers)

56 Manga 53 Furry 42 Webcomics 33 Italian 33 American 16 Auteur comics [not sure if I’m translating correctly – comics by authors with an extremely strong ‘presence’, like Andrea Pazienza] 28 No / rarely 12 French / Belgian 6 Others 

23 – Do you play videogames? On what platform? (multiple answers)

75 Computer 43 Playstation 30 Nintendo DS 21 Xbox 17 Wii 14 Psp 12 Others 7 No / rarely 

24 – Do you practice any sport regularly?

62 furs answered no 6 answered a generic “yes”

-Out of everyone else, the list of practiced sports is extremely varied: 6 frequent a gym regularly, 4 play basketball, 3 practice running, 3 volleyball, 3 swimming, 2 fencing, 2 footing, and then bodybuilding, skateboarding, judo, bicycling, kung fu, kayaking, tennis, shooting, dancing, yoga, softair, parkour, mountain bike, dirt bike, martial arts, weight lifting.

One furry mentioned sex as a regular sport.

25 – If you had now the opportunity to get catapulted in any foreign country of your choice, would you?

18 furs answered no, they’d stay here. 5 furs did not vote. Everyone else (80) answered yes.

The most coveted destination is Australia (10 preferences). The American continent is popular as well: 7 furs would like to head generically to America, 9 straight to the US, 63 to Canada, one wants to fly out to California, another one to Ohio, one to Pittsburg and one to Huston.

Japan holds its ground with 5 preferences, defeated by England with 8 preferences, of which 3 points straight to London.

France gets 1 vote, then we head further North: 1 vote for Finland, 2 for Norway, 2 for New Zealand. The winner though is Sweden, with 3 preferences.

1 fur would like to live in Alaska; 1 would want to live in the Sahara Desert.

Only 1 fur voted Amazonia; 1 fur wrote ‘milan’ (?); 1 fur said he doesn’t know but it looks difficult to them; 1 fur wrote he has no preferences, anywhere is better than here; 1 fur said he’d visit another country, but then he’d come back to Italy.

26 – Do you think you’ll ever stop considering yourself a furry?

75 No 15 Perhaps in the far future 3 Probably yes 2 If I happened to find something better

95 furs out of 103 voted.

**27 – Do you think that cartoon and comic characters like Disney’s and Warner Bros’ are furry in the same way that those on Fur Affinity or drawn by properly furry artists? **

49 No 45 Yes

This is a very personal view of what is furry and what is not and as we can see we have two fairly solid opposing fronts. (To me personally, furry and anthropomorphic characters in general are two things with a very different value, which is the reason why I voted NO. Furry hides aspects a lot more incisive than what can be found in a Tom & Jerry cartoon or a Mickey Mouse comic, [note: which is still really popular in Italy], which is the reason for which I can’t with all my heart give it the same value.)

We have an almost even split with this question, with 9 non-voting furs.

28 – Do you have a fursona to represent you?

93 – Yes 10 – No

29 – Does it look like you?

Translator’s note: I don’t know if ‘it’ is the best pronoun in this case – it’s referring to the fursona, but Italian has no neutral pronoun so ‘they’ may be a better option

60 Similar 22 Identical 9 Dissimilar 3 My complete opposite 94 Total

94 out of 103 furs voted.

30 – In what form are you able to express it? (multiple answers)

57 furs express themselves through drawing 35 furs roleplay 28 furs immerse themselves in stories 24 furs frequent forums 14 furs are part of an online community

31 – Where does your fursona come from?

35 Alter Ego 33 Artistic representation 28 Spirit Animal 6 Otherkin 2 Other

16 furs did not vote.

In addition to the offered answers, we also have:

-Pokemon -Peer pressure -I dreamed it a lot, even before discovering I was a furry -Personal life experience -A wish to return to uncontaminated nature -I give it aspects that I like or that I’d like to mirror in -From how accurate behavioral similarities are between it and me -Dream -As an avatar to remain anonymous on the web -Watching a wild animal in the woods

32 – Does your fursona have powers or special abilities? (wings, breathing fire, monstrous limbs, bizarre abilities in bed…)

Translator’s note: as usual it’s not always easy to tell gender, Italian expresses it only in certain verbal tenses. I’m using ‘they’ or nothing in those cases where it’s dubious.

70 answered no or did not answer. Of the others, I’m quoting the powers that were written:

-Can appear and disappear wherever they want -Typical dragon powers and the ability to change size -Wings and fire breathing -Yes, some (but a pseudodragon is different from what you see in fantasy or RPGs) -He’s cuddly (quote) -Wings, uses elemental thunder/lightning and wind/air magic -Has just a weird tar-like substance under their skin. No bones, muscles or organs -Sizeshift -Created artificially in a laboratory, his peculiarity is the high physical and mental resistance. -Able to sleep for the entire day -He’s a wolfman with my same body type (fairly slim and not that muscular), with a white and dark grey fur. -Absorbs energy, freezing things around them -Can change size -Shapeshifter (limited to few different forms, like Anthro), Fire breathing (used rarely) -every great ability a dragon has X D! -Lazy to death just like me :3 -Illusions and divination through cards -Typical dragon characteristics, wings to fly and fire breathing -Psychokinesis -Depends on the role -can transform -pretty long to explain -Cyborg, hybrid, maleherm -thin, agile, loves mechanics, the laws that govern the nature of everything (physics, chemistry, math, biology, psychology) -Divination -In the past yes but at the moment I opted for something that mirrors nature as close as possible -metamorphosis -has different forms -Fire breathing -can control spirits and healing abilities (the most used) being a kitsune can control an element with each tail, having 9 tails can leaarn [sic] how to cast any kind of spell.

Final tally is then 70 powerless fursona against 30 with powers, and quite diverse. 

33 – Do you know any Italian furry artist you like?

34 furs answered no 8 furs did not answer

Every other fur (61) answered yes. In the question I also added to mention, if you wanted to, one or more known furry artists. Of those, we had:

-Rov (10 votes) -FurryRevolution (5 votes) -Vanessa Santato (4 votes) -Black (Lion21) (4 votes) -Alpha0 (3 votes) -Sansouci (3 votes) -Konnykon (3 votes) -Aledonrex (2 votes) -Scale (2 votes) -Dreiker (2 votes) -Blazingcheeks (2 votes) -Sparky The Chu (1 vote) -Saba (1 vote) -Paiesque (1 vote) -ExaWolf (1 vote) -Donkeypunch (1 vote) -Lupacchiotto peloso (1 vote) -Dherb (1 vote) -Raven (1 vote) -Taivas (1 vote) -foxys92 (Federico Algravia) (1 vote) -Salem (1 vote) -Irene (1 vote) -Dracostreex (1 vote) -Zenox (1 vote) -Perrin Wolfbrother (1 vote)

Someone also mentioned Blotch, Kyell, Fluke, Juanjo Guarnido and Artdecade who, I’m sad to say, are not Italian artists.

34 – In your opinion, how many furries are there in the entirety of Italy?

17Another question that had really disparate answers. One thing that the survey sadly can’t do is establish how many furries, in fact, are present in Italy, and this is a great pity. (I only thought afterwards that this is a trap question for a different reason: I’m afraid since the definition of furry is often debated and interpreted in a really personal way, my idea of “who is a furry” is different than the one of other furs. Who I then consider a proper fur might not be for someone else and vice versa, and here numbers vary greatly).

35 – How many Italian furries did you happen to meet or are still frequenting?

37 - None 22 - 5 or less 16 - Between 5 and 15 17 - 15-30 7 - 30-50 1 - 75+

3 furs did not vote.

36 – Have you ever taken part to a furry convention outside of Italy?

65 – No, but I plan to in the future 25 – No, and I don’t intend to go to any convention 2 – Yes, Eurofurence 1 – Yes, Eurofurence and more

Here 93 out of 103 furries voted.

37 – Would you want for furry in Italy to be more well-known?

40 – Yes, so that I can meet more furries 23 – Yes, so that my reality can be better understood 17 – No, I’m fine like this 8 – No, there would be more haters

88 people voted our proposed answers; in addition to that we have:

Translator’s note: bad grammar is never easy to translate, but I’ll try to be faithful. I’ll skip typos because they’re untranslatable.

-Yes, simply because we could start a recognised artistic current/know each other -yes, as long as it’s presented in the correct way; otherwise, no. -I’d like for it to be as an artistic current, at that point the first two yes would become spontaneous -With due caution Yes -well then: I’d like for furry to be more present in Italy but that would cause more heaters [sic] to appear so for this question I’d say ; Yes, but only if it gets known by who really are worth it and not by who’s prejudiced or simply is a poor idiot afraid of what he doesn’t know (or better : is too lazy to know) and since he feels threatened by it starts belittling and insulting it in front of everyone to look “cool” even if for me he just looks like an *** (certain things are better unsaid) -Answers are a bit broad :/ -I wish it was more well-known because it would make the “Italian” furry community more active on the web -Yes but only if it’s presented in the right way, an example is America: A lot of them are taken for homosexual zoophiles because of too much openness and I remind you that they have an exceedingly open mentality than Italy’s over there. -yes and no, depends on how it’s presented -Indifferent -I’d say things are fine as they are right now -I don’t know. -with the current Italian mindset it would be a disaster -furry is a rifle unloaded against obtuse or self-harming minds because they bind the artist hiding in themselves…I’d like to walk around the web seeing less websites about yiff created by…impatient people (please understand the meaning, I’m shy >_< ), but more furries intended as spirits, more like beings that finally found themselves, and that seem to be celebrating forever giving away parts of themselves to the world, in the shape of music, drawing, creations, foundations, various ideas, thoughts sedentary because persistent, never violent, maybe revolutionary but not afraid. -We have the pope, so I’d say no

(the last answer wins, I’d say, 1000 internet points)

End of the survey

I’d like to thank those who left a comment as well; a part that, since it expresses a more personal view, I enjoy reading at the end of every survey. At first I was thinking not to publish these, but some have interesting food for thought so why not, everything is a chance to learn!

  • A yiff-themed survey would be quite interesting… I don’t think I managed to find an animal I completely identify with, but I hope I can. I liked the survey, I hope there will be more, and that furry culture can have an entrance maybe not excessively relevant in Italy, but with a certain weight (at least with creating conventions here as well)

  • Congrats for the effort, I hope it’s useful for anything concrete! REPLY I hope so as well, but maybe not, who knows

  • I found it a comprehensive survey, on two feet[idiom], paws, that’s my impression : P

  • I’d suggest to allow multiple answers in the question “Would you want for furry in Italy to be more well-known?”. I personally would have given both the first two answer, and I had to choose the one that persuaded me the most.

  • REPLY Being able to only choose one option to this one and to certain other questions is entirely intentional. I think each one of us, at least a little, would like it to be more furries to share the things we have in common and, at the same time, we’d like for haters not to appear unlike we run the risk to. Personally I believe that at this point I’d have voted two, maybe three of those answers at once; having only one options shows us what the most important aspect is, which is I think the most important thing the survey can communicate to us. Each answer of course has its own personal meaning, this is undeniable.

  • I liked the survey, I think it gathers a lot of interesting information. But… it might be interesting to have a survey more focused on yiff and on physical characteristics and preferences of fursonas… something tells me it’s the kind of info people talk about gladly! After all isn’t that what distinguishes furry from normal “human” communities (like Facebook or Deviantart)? ;)

  • Well knowing Italian furry, if you do a completely yiff-based survey they’ll be really happy…

  • Quite the satisfying survey, that allows you to unwind a little too ;) and fuck who says otherwise XD _Bye

  • Meow (this was my comment)

  • Maybe put some questions about yiff inclinations

  • As a survey, I find it pretty concise, with questions that aren’t too invasive. I’d avoid the yiff-themed survey, even if it would make the majority of the Italian fandom happy, since it’s populated by perverts.

  • REPLY I LOVE the consideration certain furries have for other furries <3

  • No, I think the survey is pretty complete it’s well made, maybe a bit too long but it’s good as it is. Ciao ;3

  • The survey is really well made and I consider it pretty comprehensive even if maybe rather than creating an entire survey on yiff it would be best to add directly the questions that concern that to this survey; because I believe that by creating a yiff-only survey we’d attract a lot of heaters [sic] that by answering would behave like idiots ruining what’s only used for asking honest opinions to Italian furries (or furryists)

  • REPLY Trolling answers can always be taken out of a survey; I considered separating clean and yiff questions as well, but the yiff topic is still thorny for some and I’d rather not put it in if not for a few weak mentions. There’s always an opportunity for catching up on lost time.

  • We could have the option, at the question “what were you introduced to first, furry or yiff?” to choose both. Maybe we could have a small section for yiff as well, but not too big. The rest is okay, I think. Bye! brohoof /)

  • REPLY Yiff is by definition a part of furry so in that sense the question would lose its meaning; the point is to know whether someone came to furry through its more general aspect or because of its erotic side.

  • Fuck me <3

  • A yiff-themed survey might work. But it would be better to add neutral multiple answers questions.

  • it’s perfect as it is : P

  • viva la fisica e che dio la benedisica! [… this would take a lot of time to explain, it’s a sexual pun; ask me if you’re curious]

  • you forgot the two main Italian furry communities and FurryMania beside deviantart

  • REPLY I didn’t forget about them, I avoided mentioning them on purpose. Italian communities deserve their own reflection to which the survey, with its closed questions, wouldn’t give the space they deserve. To talk about the Italian online community we’d need a different kind of survey, a different job compared to this one.

  • one flaw… when you asked me what kind of animal is my fursona: you could have put them in alphabetical order and not driving me nuts : /

  • REPLY Terribly true, since I added animal species as they came to mind and in the end the result was chaotic. (In the future, in this kind of situation, I suggest the use of your browser’s search function, activated by ctrl+f)

  • You’re badly plagiarizing the surveys that inspired you [a-hem]; unlike them you don’t have the number or distances to grant anonymity and the authors of the answers are recognizable (and they will be in the results). You should then separate questions by theme into various separate surveys. Besides, do you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve? Do you know the math that goes into a survey? Come on cat-boy [ragatto = ragazzo (boy) + gatto (cat)], I’m watching you (it’s not a threat : P ) and I want to see you grow and prosper.

  • REPLY Of course, someone who answered “polka-dot gargantuan” in the question regarding their nature and is (odd coincidence) the only polka-dot gargantuan in Italy is going to be labeled as a participant in this survey (oh noes) and well, nothing else.

  • A yiff-themed survey? I admit I’d have a lot of fun filling it… Anyway, I find this initiative very interesting! Understanding the Italian furry reality can only help improve the situation, right? About the questions… Yeah maybe a bit more questions wouldn’t be a bad thing, but I’d say that as it is now it can already touch on more or less every interesting field of the topic… Congratulations for the idea anyway! :P

  • The test should be split into 2 different parts: yiff and NOT yiff. Personally I don’t like yiff and so many questions left me taken aback.

  • A yiff-themed survey, including not just porn-related questions but also on ethical themes, would be interesting (just to clarify that furry isn’t just a shelter for cub hunters and various fetishes)

  • It would be nice to hear more about fursuiting and yiff and maybe a few questions on zoofilia

  • no I find it perfect as it is I found it really fun :3

  • In the aspects of furry you could add the following options: “Roleplay” “Commissioning” You could also add some options where who fills in the survey can give a few indications on their view of the entire furry fandom (Eg.: I think X but I bet the rest of the fandom thinks Y). There could also be a series of true/false choice sentences. Furthermore, I think it would be best to keep the survey on a general level as it is now and not to put in too many questions on yiff.

  • REPLY I really appreciate the idea of questions on views on the rest of furries. All interesting prompts for who, in a far future, might want to realise a survey 2.0.

End of the comments as well.

The furry survey saw the light thanks to the support of communities that allowed to publicise the event here on the web and, then, thanks to their essential support.

A special thanks then goes to:

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The survey is free to consult and spread for anyone who wants to do it (yes, even you Shaoran/Gendokugo, who banned me and the other poor furs from our forum, you meanie!), I only ask, if you wish to repost it, to keep in its entirety the thanks section to the various furry groups and forum links on which the survey is hosted. Yes, we’re divided between a thousand varied internet communities, but it’s correct to remember that there’s only one furry, and we’re all united as furries.

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